This is an advertisement in Life Magazine in a 1944 issue that my grandparents did. 

Story isn’t entirely accurate since she didn’t drive him to the pier, a friend of her mothers drove my grandfather and he asked if she knew Patsy O’Neill and she told him she worked at Magnums. So he wrote to my grandmother and luckily they forwarded mail back then since she had quite the week before. They started writing each other and that’s how it all started. When they finally met he asked her to marry him which she said no. But when all her friends told her how crazy she was she called him 3 days later and accepted. 

Hola mi inglés es muy malo, estoy rebloguenado esto y es una hermosa historia de amor que se cruza entre cartas y un destino que llevó a un matrimonio y a la dicha de la familia… Que bello



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